Newsletter #111

March 10, 2000

Greetings Accumulators!

"The best laid plans of mice and men...." yada, yada, yada. I think it's all straightened out this time.

It seems the worst of winter may be over in The Big Apple. Temperatures have been balmy (for March, anyway) and it's not getting dark in the middle of the afternoon anymore. Having spent a good part of the winter traveling on behalf of "Treasures In Your Home", I realize that lots of other cities had tough winters this year, too, so everyone relax - we all made it through another one!

NBC has decided to keep Howdy Doody alive in the hearts of us baby boomers, while simultaneously worshipping at the altar of crass commercialism. They've launched a Howdy Doody website, complete with sound bites and a general store, where one can purchase Howdy Doody collectibles. They're all brand new, so don't expect any wonderful vintage stuff. For that, you must go to The sound bites are the best part of the Doody site, although the background information on each character is very interesting. My personal favorite, Flub A Dub, was, it seems, made of spare parts from other puppets. Figures. Fussbudget that I am, there are some things about the site that annoy me. Poor spelling and grammar are two of them. Why grown persons cannot grasp the difference between a plural and a possessive noun escapes me. Plural words do not have apostrophes (shame on you, NBC!). Former denizens of the Peanut Gallery may visit the site HERE. For real vintage Howdy Doody collectibles, visit .

It is, after all, expensive, noisy and really impressed with itself. But, it is the hub of the universe, and it has some of the best museums on earth. Currently showing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (through March 19) is an exhibit called "Rock Style". On display are some of the most memorable rock n' roll get-ups of the past fifty years (yes, rock is that old!), chosen because of their influence on the fashion of their day. Included in the exhibit are the fabulous uniform John Lennon wore on the cover of the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper" album, and Elvis' gold suit. There are also some truly bizarre entries, although no one can deny their effect on style, for better or for worse. Madonna's strange fashion sense did in fact influence thousands of teenaged girls to wear their underwear on the outside (thank goodness THAT'S all in the past!)and so her pointy-boobed get-up for the "Blonde Ambition" tour is included in the exhibit as well. Can't get to The Apple by the 19th, you say? Not to worry: some of the exhibit is right here on the Internet, at CNN's site. To view it, follow this LINK.

US Air China Redux- Alert Accumulator Jeff Wagner, a USAirways employee, confirms that the company had to have their china, along with everything else, redesigned when they changed their name from US Air. The company dumped the old stuff on the market, so, if you're seeing US Air china in oddlot stores, it's real. Several Accumulators also opined that US Air china is not such a hot collectible that anyone would take the time or trouble to reproduce it. Good point.
Cookie Jars - Now, here is a collectible hot enough to be faked, though not nearly so hot as it was a few years back, after Andy Warhol's collection was auctioned and brought Prices Paid By The Stupid. There are lots of fakes out there, particularly an abundance of Little Red Riding Hoods. If you find one marked "McCoy", and want to know if you've found the Real McCoy, you haven't. McCoy never made a Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar.

So, Dear Accumulators, I hope the day is as beautiful where you are as it is here, and I hope you're going to go out there and enjoy it. Artie and I will be heading up to the country house tomorrow, mostly to retrieve the giant sack of fruits and vegetables I packed to bring back to the city and then forgot to load into the car - two weeks ago. Eeeeuuuww. We hope to get some antiquing done too, so if you see us in your nabe, say "hi!" And keep watching "Treasures In Your Home" on the Pax Network, Monday through Friday. We love the attention. Have a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!


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