Newsletter #125

June23, 2000

Greetings Accumulators!

Congratulations to Mallory Jaye Cohen, who was graduated from Oceanside Middle School today, having made the honor role every single reporting period during her two years in the school, having been captain of the cheerleading squad and a member of the gymnastics team, and having tried out for next year's high school junior varsity cheerleading squad, and made the varsity squad instead, something unheard of for a freshman. Those of you who watched "Personal FX" may remember her as the little blonde goddess who came on the show with me on Take Our Daughters To Work Day. It's a good thing I'm not a boastful aunt!

Okay, all you cities, jump up here. Hurry up! The bandwagon leaves in fifteen minutes! Let's see...I've heard from Accumulators everywhere about what form of livestock is being decorated, displayed and ultimately hawked for charity in their necks of the woods. Toronto is doing moose. Buffalo is doing - duh! - bison (visit Cincinnati has pigs (see Alert Accumulators Ron and Linda Cutroneo report some strange sightings in Rhode Island, too: Human-sized Mr. Potato Heads all over the place. And just so you don't think high-spirited hijinx are confined to the big cities, you should know that one of the SpudPeople has already been kidnapped. Or vegnapped. Tubernapped?
But, why confine ourselves to creatures that walk the earth? Accumulator Ann Feder reports that Norfolk, VA (one of my favorite towns) is hosting scores of mermaids (one of my favorite creatures) this summer. Their web address is
On my way through Central Park last Monday morning, I passed at least seven cows. Some, I thought, were not very impressive, but some were great. One of my favorites, behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was painted with the New York City skyline. Some of them had props and - get this - none of them were taken, or disturbed, or graffitied! Yet. They're all in different poses. I saw one lying down, which always disturbs me because there's this old wives' tale that says when the cows are lying down, it means it's going to rain. Consequently, whenever we drive past a cow pasture on our way to the country house, and the cows are lying down, I shout, "Get up, Girls!", and Artie, whenever we come upon some lying down and some standing up, says, "Oh - partly cloudy!".

If you happen to be on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn on Sunday, June 25 (and well you might be, what with the annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island taking place on Saturday. And believe me, this mermaid parade is nothing like the mermaids on parade in Norfolk, VA. These mermaids are wearing considerably less clothing and more body paint. In fact, they're having certain portions of their bodies painted while riding on the hoods of classic cars during the parade. But, I digress.), don't be alarmed when you see scores of people disappearing down a manhole. No, the apocalypse hasn't finally arrived. No, there isn't a fallout shelter down there. It's just the oldest subway tunnel in the world, built in 1844 and long abandoned. It's on the National Registry of Historic Places and one Bob Diamond, of the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association, will be conducting tours at $15 per person ($10 for children). For more information, call (718) 246-0024. Wear sturdy shoes (no kiddin'!) and bring a flashlight. Perhaps beads and blankets to trade with the Mole People would be nice too.

Are you feeling nostalgic for Atari? You know, those video games from way back in the eighties - Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Galaxian? Well, if you are, which means that your brain has completely rotted and fallen out of your head, then you'll want to rush right over to O'Shea Limited's website at where you can buy unopened games stockpiled by the proprietor. What's next - Pong?

An interesting series of collector's chats are coming up. Some are hosted by collectors, some are hosted by dealers, some are hosted by - me! Go to the Collecting's website at to see the schedule.

Okay, Accumulators, I'm enjoying myself way too much. Time to go out for a walk or go to sleep or something. No, the deck isn't finished. A large cloud was lying in wait for us last weekend, and it rained from the minute we got up to the house until we left. So, this week, we plan to finish the deck. Stop laughing at us. Tomorrow, though, we just have to stop in at Roberson's auction house in Pine Bush, NY. There will be not one, but two exciting auctions. The noon session will consist of a large vintage toy collection, and the evening session will feature advertising. And those are two of my favorite things. And Lou and Dell Roberson are two of my favorite people. Hope you get out and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, hit a few yard sales and flea markets and find that gem in the trash heap. Have a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!


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