Newsletter #129

October 6, 2000

Greetings Accumulators!

Summer's definitely over in the Big Apple - at least for this weekend. We're expecting a significant drop in temperatures. As I am a person who is only happy between 50 and 80 degrees, my plan is to be whining from now until April.

The book is out! A whole case of them arrived at my door yesterday. The Title is "Collectors Compass-Jewelry", and autographed copies are available from me at $16.15 postpaid. Those of you who like your books nice and clean may also order a postpaid copy without autograph, for the same price. To order, either Paypal that amount to (don't forget to include your shipping address), or send a check or money order to me at P.O. Box 6572, New York, NY 10128-0006. Remember to specify whether or not you want the book signed. And that concludes the shameless self-promotion portion of our program.

Alert Accumulator Kathy Greer, publisher of Unravel The Gavel, passed along this warning to me: Lane Cedar chests pose a hazard to children. The automatic locks on the chests cannot be opened from the inside. Lane has recalled the locks because children have been getting locked in the chests and suffocating. Lane is offering free replacements of safe-release locks, with keys. To learn more about the lock recall program go to

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is launching its John Lennon exhibit on October 20, and it's set to run through September 2001. The exhibit will contain some never-before-seen artifacts, including handwritten lyrics to some of Lennon's biggest hits, costumes and guitars. Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, famous for her impersonation of a space cadet at the dedication of Strawberry Fields in Central Park (Her speech began, "People of Earth, how are you?"), is collaborating on the exhibit along with Lennon's estate. To learn more, go to

We're in for some damp weather. If you collect items made of lithographed tin, clean them by dipping a damp sponge in dishwashing soap suds and wiping them down. Wipe off the suds with another, clean, damp sponge. Dry thoroughly (a hair blower is good for this). Then apply paste wax, let dry exactly twenty minutes, then buff to a high shine. If you do a good job of drying them and covering them completely with wax, they won't rust.

Okay, Accumulators, I'm gonna skate now. This weekend Artie and I will be back at the country house, as the next phase of construction is about to begin (okay, we're cleaning up the workshop). Tomorrow night, we'll be at The Old Red Barn in Cuddebackville,NY, seeing what treasures Vince the auctioneer has for sale. Last month he had the most wonderful furniture! If you're in the nabe, stop by and say "hi"!

Sunday night is the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Since I got sent to the principal's office many times this past year, I'll be sitting in the corner the whole time. To my fellow members of God's Chosen, I wish you all L'Shanah Tovah - a very happy new year. And to everyone else, on this three-day weekend, I wish you a wonderful holiday, filled with great finds and good times. Just be sure to stop drinking alcohol at least an hour before you hit the road. And watch out for the other guy - maybe nobody loved him enough to take away his keys. Happy hunting!


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