Newsletter #156

October 5, 2001

Greetings Accumulators!

The Big Apple is beginning to come back. The streets are full of people, the restaurants and movie theaters are crowded again, and American flags have sprouted like flowers everywhere - on rooftops, lampposts, car windows, and lapels. It seems our anxiety level is once again under control. A genuine New Yorker could never be entirely anxiety-free, of course. Not as long as there are trees full of pigeons that must be walked under.

The repercussions of the September 11th attacks just keep coming. Aside from the obvious loss of life, and the businesses and homes that have been destroyed, we've all heard about how New York's very important tourism business is being harmed. And it's not just because people are fearful of coming here. It's because so many events that draw tourists have been cancelled. And they've been cancelled not out of fear, but because of lack of space. The list of antiques and collectibles events cancelled because the facilities in which they were to be held are being used for some aspect of relief or other necessary procedure connected to the World Trade Center tragedy is a very long one. All the city's armories are being used as shelters, processing centers, morgues, supply depots or for other official functions. The piers are being used as well. In fact next month's Triple Pier Expos will be held at the Jacob Javits Center, and not at the Piers. The Stella Show Company, managers of the Pier Shows, count themselves lucky to get the new venue, since their armory shows, as well as Sanford Smith's and various others, all had to be cancelled. Yesterday, the show promoters held a press conference at Madison Square Garden aimed at pointing out to the Mayor that the damage to the city's economy must be controlled somehow, and that these shows can go on, if only someone will provide the space in which to hold them.

Barbara Crews, longtime Cookie Jar Guide at, will appear on "The Incurable Collector" on the A&E Network this Sunday, October 7th. Check your local listings for the time. The show will be repeated on Saturday, October 13. If you like cookie jars, you'll love this tour of Barbara's amazing collection of over 1,000 items.

I don't know if you're a subscriber to AntiqueWeek. If you're not, you should be. It's the best weekly on collecting around. You will be pleased to know, as I am, that Connie Swaim, former Eastern Edition Editor, has been appointed Managing Editor of The Whole Shebang! Congratulations, Connie. You go, Girl!

This weekend, Artie and I will be attending the auction at The Old Red Barn in Cuddebackville, NY. Watch for next month's auction there, as Vince The BarnMan, our very favorite auctioneer, and his manager, the Lovely Linda, will feature that parlor suite you saw me appraising on The Sally Jessy Raphael Show. It's being auctioned to raise money for WTC relief, and there'll be some extra surprises attached to the lot.

I wish I could be everywhere this weekend. Our dear friends the Sussmans will be exhibiting at the Allentown Paper Show in Allentown, PA. And there's also the Stormville Airport Flea Market, one of my favorites. But we're suckers for the lure of work to be done in the house (sure we are!) and fun at The Old Red Barn. And I'm being banished back to NYC on Sunday, so He Who Is The Light Of My Life can frolic with his brother and their friend. Sniff.

The weather's turning. Get out there and pick up that last "score" of the summer. Hurry! And participate in eBay's Auction for America. Their heart's in the right place, and their goal is lofty: 100 million dollars in 100 days. Go for it, I say. Have a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!


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