Newsletter #157

October 12, 2001

Greetings Accumulators!

In light of the anthrax showing up at American media companies' mailrooms, this could be the safest piece of mail you get today! Guess it pays to be strictly smalltime - a one-chick operation, as it were. We don't make very interesting targets.

As every reader of The New York Times Arts and Entertainment Section knows, Al Hirschfeld has been delighting us with humorous caricaturistic depictions of the rich and famous for eons. Drawings by the sprightly nonagenarian are on exhibit at the Museum Of The City Of New York through January 27, 2002. The Museum, at 1220 Fifth Avenue (part of Museum Mile), is mounting the first major museum exhibit of Hirschfeld's work in New York City. It is aptly named "Hirschfeld's New York, and contains works depicting the scene at many different locations around the city. For a virtual preview, go to Just another great reason to come to NYC!

WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY DEPARTMENT During my last appearance on The Sally Show, I had the opportunity to appraise a suite of parlor furniture. It was quite a lovely suite, and it was part of a game we were playing on the show. The owners had the opportunity to give up the suite in return for the opportunity to draw a gift check of unknown denomination from a "treasure chest". They decided to chance it, and won a check for $25,000! After the show, which was taped before September 11, the producers decided to auction off the suite and send the proceeds to aid the victims of the September 11th atrocities. Well, my favorite auctioneer, Vince "The Barnman" Bambina, proprietor of The Old Red Barn, in Cuddebackville, NY, will be selling the suite at his November 3 auction. The Sally Show is sending along still photographs from the show featuring the suite, and Sally Jessy Raphael will autograph them. And I will add an autographed copy of my new book "Secrets Of A Collecting Diva" to the lot as well. And here's the best part: Vince takes absentee bids! And if the idea of arranging for shipping such a large lot is too daunting for you, Vince has lots of great smalls for sale at every auction as well. So, what you want to do is get on Vince's e-mailing list. He sends out a mailing shortly before the auction, and it features links to a plethora of photos of the items for sale. You'll also find that, if you call the auction house for information, both Vince and The Lovely Linda are very knowledgeable and very helpful. So, to get on the e-mailing list, write to Vince at Or, you could call him at (845) 754-7122.

To those of you who have bought and read my book: please go to and post a review. These are the sites of and Barnes and The reviews so far are excellent, but there are only four of them. You can give the book a real "push", so please, please, please - do it today! Your frinedly neighborhood newsletter writer will be ever so grateful.

Okay, Accumulators, I'll stop bending your ears so you can go back to the TV and be scared. I hope you know this is only a joke. It's very important for our own sanity that we don't sit home and cower in a corner. Of course, you have to be alert. If the person next to you at the garage sale tomorrow morning looks weird - no, no - bad example. We all look weird at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. Just keep your eyes open. You'll find great stuff that way, too. Artie and I are going to do some intense work at the country house. It's Town Cleanup Day, which means you get to throw all your junk (no, this is actually true JUNK) in the town dumpsters instead of having to drive it all over to the dump and pay for the privilege of dumping it. Have a wonderful week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!


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