Newsletter #169

February 8, 2002

Greetings Accumulators!

Well, thank goodness Whoopie got her Oscar back. Sent it out to be cleaned and someone absconded with it. Can you imagine owning an Oscar and sending it out to be cleaned? Does it ever need more than a light dusting? What the heck was Whoopie using that Oscar for, anyway? Nutcracker? Birdbath? Doggie hitching post? Guess we'll never know. Write to me if you have a theory.
It's been pretty hectic around here. I'm getting ready to do the Sally Jessy Raphael Show again. In the world of TV, things change every moment. We're doing this, we're not doing this, we are doing this but in a different way, we're doing this but we also need to do four other things, we're scrapping it all, can we still do the first three things? Fortunately, this is a highly professional organization, so it's mostly painless. I'll let you know when we get an air date.

John Henderson, an Australian man, is obtaining fine examples for his postcard collection. They just keep coming in the mail. From his dog. Who is a fugitive from justice. I am not making this up. It's from an article in the Australian Daily Telegraph. Chucky the pit bull is no ordinary criminal canine either. He was shot twice in the head by police after he attacked them during a raid. Chucky survived, which is more than can be said for the pant legs of the officers, and was later stolen from the animal hospital by "a mystery person". For the past 11 months Chucky has been on the lam, and police have been trying unsuccessfully to track him down, using DNA testing (remember those pant legs? Great source of doggie DNA). Lately John Henderson has been receiving postcards from Chucky -- postcards showing the fugitive bowser in exotic locations, wearing sunglasses. Says Henderson, "He seems to be happy and well. I got an interstate phone call from an unknown man who said the photos would be delivered to my mailbox." Henderson also says he has no idea where Chucky is or with whom. If only Chucky knew he didn't have to be on the lam. Council officials have agreed not to pursue him if he ever returns. No word on whether everyone down under is a couple of eggrolls short of a combination plate.

If you're going to Salt Lake City for the Olympic Games, forget the collectible pins, the programs, the tee shirts. Make sure you get the must-have souvenir - condoms handed out by community groups like The American Red Cross and Planned Parenthood, under the auspices of the SafeGames 2002 Project. More than 250,000 condoms will be handed out at competition sites, nightclubs, and on the street. Boy, the Games are sounding really very different from what I pictured them to be. The presentation is as interesting to me as the concept: volunteers will hand out plastic bags filled with a few condoms, safe-sex instructions, hand warmers and lip balm, along with telephone numbers for Alcoholics Anonymous and taxis. I find the combination fascinating - all the essentials of life in one zip-lock package.

Watch out for "fakelite", pretend bakelite coming out of Taiwan by the ton. The material is a phenolic resin like bakelite. Close, but no cigar. It doesn't pass the standard tests for bakelite, and the colors are not quite right. Some of the carving is skillful, but some of it isn't. Be careful, and only buy from reputable dealers. Quite a bit of the bakelite for sale on eBay is fake.

Off to the races, Accumulators. We're shooting remote segments tomorrow, so I must tear myself away from the computer and zone out for the evening. We'll be on the hunt for great things to bring on the show. I hope you find some wonderful stuff in your travels too. Have a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!

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