Newsletter #170

February 15, 2002

Greetings Accumulators!

What a crazy week! There was an explosion of interest in vintage valentines this year, and the two pages devoted to them at my web site have been stripped bare. I've been packing and shipping like a madwoman. Now I have to go out and find more. If you have any old ones (1910 or earlier) to sell, please give me a shout.

FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF IF THERE ARE STRANGE CREATURES IN THE STREET, SUMMER MUST BE COMING Since it seems to be all the rage for cities to fill the streets with bizarre fauna, hand-decorated by artists of all persuasions, why should Miami Beach be any different? Indeed, creativity is only a component of the sidewalk displays themselves, not the planning of these summer events. So, Miami Beach will be invaded, from May until October, by a phalanx of one hundred or so 8-foot flamingos, each sponsored by someone, and each decorated by a local artist. No word on whether the sculptures will be placed on the lawns of the tasteless, or whether they'll sleep standing on one foot. Be careful of the eggs on the sidewalk.

MORE FASCINATING EMAIL DEPARTMENT I received an email today from a man who said he noticed that I was interested in Disneyana. This, of course, is absolutely correct. He said he had something in which I might be interested, and invited me to have a look at it. He said, "Please let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested in it." So, I went to to have a look. It was a statue of Mickey Mouse, made in honor of Walt Disney's 100th birthday. No, I don't know why they have birthday celebrations for people who are dead. But, if you decide to do it for me after I'm gone, make the cake chocolate with marzipan icing, please. But, I digress. So, this cute statue of Mickey Mouse is two feet tall. And the price is $7,950,000.00. Yes, you read all the zeroes correctly. If you want to buy it, there's a link to the man's email address right there on the site. Oh, and my birthday is in April. Just thought you'd like to know.

If you missed the critically acclaimed hit, "1945 Newspaper Strike", or that immensely popular 1965 comnercial called "Parade of Homes", made by the National Association of Home Builders, you are in luck! The Internet Archive Movie Collection has 965 "ephemeral films", made by schools and government, trade associations and industry, all digitized for your viewing pleasure. A great collection of cultural junk that is so much fun to watch. Kind of like the Internet. Find it at

Off we go shopping, He Who Is The Light Of My Life and I. He is on vacation as of a couple of hours ago, so we'll go up to the country house and work when we feel good and ready, thank you very much. It's so nice to have the whole weekend to look forward to. Check the Upcoming Events page at the website, LINK, for this week's radio interviews and appearances. Have yourself a great weekend and a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!

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