Newsletter #180

May 24, 2002

Greetings Accumulators!

Well I'm back from the wilds of Florida and Massachusetts, and pretty wild they were, too. The West Coast of Florida was hot, humid and windy. Don't even ask what happened to my hair. And Brimfield, Massachusetts, The Emerald City to many antiquers, was sunny and 71 degrees one day, rain, sleet, snow and 40 degrees the next. I felt just awful for the poor dealers, huddled in their tents, wet and freezing. I, of course, was in a climate-controlled environment, doing a really fun appraisal event. The consensus among the dealers I spoke with was that sales were awful, most likely due to the weather. Who would want to go shopping in a mess like that one? Even the dealers who tried to leave, suffered. Hundreds of trucks got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out. So what did I see? There was lots of great glassware out on the fields, but inside our tent, there were some amazing toys. Someone brought in a dollhouse, discovered in a former basement speakeasy. It had been handmade of tin. Each floor, from the attic to the basement, lifted off to reveal the floors below. And what floors they were! Every room had radiators. There were mullioned windows, French doors, a still in the basement, a fireplace with four flues. It was amazing! We also saw a great Chinese ceremonial hat, worn at the Imperial Court. It was made of tortoiseshell panels trimmed in sterling silver, with and had a silk chin cord adorned with silver ornaments. Gorgeous!

Alert Accumulator Cookie Hutchinson passed along this story from the Orangeburg Times and Democrat. Nancy Felkel was shopping for an antique corset to go with a petticoat and pantaloons inherited by her husband from his grandmother. Why she wanted to do this is a mystery. Perhaps her husband has a secret penchant for ladies' undergarments, and his Grandma figured, "Hey, might as well indulge the boy". Perhaps Nancy, like most wives, figured, "Hey, he's a nut, but he's my nut, so why not get him a corset?" Perhaps not. Anyway, a dealer found a corset from an old estate and sold it to Nancy for $7. Nancy said, "It was rolled up tight, tied with strings and pinned together with rusty safety pins." The dealer had tried unrolling it the previous day but had been stuck by a pin and gave up. Not too bright, Mr. Dealer. Because when Nancy unwrapped it, she also stuck her finger on a pin, but she just kept unrolling, and money fell out. There was a cloth bag that said, "People's National Bank, Greenville, South Carolina". Inside the bag were $100 in small bills tied with string. And another small bag contained several hundred dollars in federal notes and silver certificates. So, check your underwear drawer. No kidding - I went through mine yesterday and found several silver dollars.

Have an item you'd like to price for sale, or are just curious about? You may have noticed a link to an online appraisal service at eBay lately. That service is Ask The Appraiser, run by David Maloney, former President of The International Society of Appraisers, Chief Appraiser at the TV show "Treasures In Your Home", and creator of "Maloney's Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory". Maloney has assembled some of the finest and best-known appraisers in the business to evaluate your treasures, based on a thorough questionnaire and clear digital photos supplied by you. And the fee for all this is quite nominal - just $19.95. Amazing. You can get to the service by going to LINK.

Okay, Accumulators. Time to start the day. Artie and I will be attending the Bat Mitzvah of the lovely Alexis Hausler, part of our extended family, and then it's off to the country house this evening. So, He Who Is The Light Of My Life and I will miss the best of the yard and garage sales today. Which means you have to take over, and go to twice as many, 'cause this is a big weekend for yard sales in the Northeast. To all my American Accumulators, have a joyous and safe holiday weekend. Remember to have your last alcoholic drink at least an hour before you leave the party. And watch out for the other guy - maybe no one loved him enough to take away his keys. Have a great week, Accumulators. Happy hunting!

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