Newsletter #185

July 4, 2002

Greetings Accumulators!

And welcome to this holiday edition of the Newsletter. I have barely touched down in the Big Apple these past two weeks. Last weekend I did an appraisal event in Adamstown, PA. Massive crowds attended the event and it was talk, talk, talk. By Sunday afternoon I was sounding tres Kathleen Turner, which must have been a thrill for my radio audience on Monday morning. He Who Is The Light Of My Life did all the driving, and was rewarded with a weekend of golf and shopping, while I worked. Also did a really fun radio interview on Tuesday morning, on the Don Weeks Show in Albany. What a charming group!

At a recent auction in Zangcheng, China, a single lichee sold for $67,000. And it didn't even include a cup of yogurt or a plastic produce bag. According to The Associated Press the fruit in question, which weighed half an ounce, came from a tree that is more than four centuries old and produces only a few dozen fruits a year. The tree actually has a name: Xiyuangualu. The name, translated into English, means "You evil tree. I water and feed you constantly and all you give me are a few lousy little fruits. Well, I'll find a way to make you profitable!". China's offical news agency reports that during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), under the emperors Qianlong and Jiaqing, Xiyuangualu lychees served as tributes to the Imperial Court and were dubbed "the king of fruit." The profits from this particular little king, purchased by a Guangdong firm, will aid education and help to maintain the trees. This all makes perfect sense to me - here in NYC, cherries sell for $4.00 a pound.

You might say John Walker of Nebraska has unusual tastes. He was in Leo's Jewelry in Beatrice, Nebraska on Tuesday, looking at a couple of rings. According to the clerk, he suddenly pushed his chair away from the counter and fell to the floor. When he got up, according to the clerk, one of the rings was missing. So, according to AP, the police were called, and Walker was searched, with his consent, I might add. No ring. But, while they were talking to him, they noticed something shiny in Walker's mouth. When they asked what it was, he swallowed. Well, well, well - what's a policeman to do? They called for a search warrant that allowed them to have Walker x-rayed and, sure enough, there was the ring, valued at $629, in his stomach. At this point the police figured out they were dealing with a pretty shifty character, so they ran a check on Walker and found he was wanted on another theft warrant. Off to the pokey he went, where he's being held in the county jail in Lincoln, as they await the arrival of the "evidence" in the case. I think Mr. Walker has rendered the ring unmarketable, don't you?

Antique Ice Skates - the very first meeting of the Antique Ice Skat CLub will take place in Lake Placid, New York on August 18, 2002. The event will be on Aug 18 in the Hospitality Room at the Art Devlin's Olympic Motel, 350 Main Street, Lake Placid. For information, phone (518) 523-3700 or e-mail:
International Willow Collectors - the 17th annual International WIllow Collectors' Convention will be held in Jacksonville, Florida on July 11-14, 2002 with the theme, "Make Mine Multi-Color!" celebrating the multitude of colors of Willow that are available. For information call (904) 908-9991 or e-mail: The IWC website is at LINK.
Phoenix and Consolidated Glass Collectors - The Phoenix & Consolidated Glass Collectors Convention will take place at the Embassy Suites-Pittsburgh Airport on July 25-27, 2002. For more information, call Liz Wilson at 928.445.5168 or visit the Club's website: LINK.

Accumulators, we're off to the Macy's Fireworks display here in NYC. To all Accumulators celebrating this July 4th, have a warm and joyous holiday. Be careful, very careful. Remember to drink your last alcoholic drink at least an hour before leaving the party. And watch out for the other guy. Maybe no one loved him enough to take away his car keys. Get some shopping in there this weekend, hitting those fabulous yard and garage sales and flea markets. HWITLOML and I will be in Cuddebackville, NY on Saturday, where I'll be doing free appraisals on behalf of The Old Red Barn. They're having quite an event, one that features everything from collectibles and great food to face painting for the kiddies. All that will be followed by a fabulous country auction, called by Vince and Bob, and managed by The Lovely Linda. If you're in the nabe, stop by and say "hi", and be sure to bring money! And don't forget to visit your local antiques shops and malls, too. Have a great one. Happy hunting!

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