Newsletter #216

May16, 2003

Greetings Accumulators!

This is probably the last Antiques & Collectibles Newsletter you'll receive through the Topica Company. Thanks to the advice of several Alert Accumulators, I am in the process of moving us to Yahoo. You will receive a welcome letter from Yahoo Groups soon. Just wanted to let you know that the email you get from them will be regarding this newsletter, so you don't unsubscribe yourself when you see it.

If you're in the vicinity of Orlando, Florida, please tear yourself away from the Back To The Future ride for an hour or so and attend the International Perfume Bottle Association convention at the Orlando Hyatt Hotel. More than 20,000 perfume bottles will be displayed this weekend. The event attracts collectors and dealers from more than 20 countries and includes the world's leading authorities and authors on the subject of perfume bottles and fragrance. A highlight of the Orlando event will be the introduction of a new Estée Lauder solid perfume with a three-dimensional palm tree design. Lauder also is bringing The Estée Lauder Traveling Solid Perfume Museum to Neiman Marcus/Millennium Mall in Orlando to coincide with the convention dates. Other convention highlights include a collectors' market, seminars and roundtables on topics such as solid perfumes, perfume miniatures, reproductions and fakes, perfume labels and ads, and Czechoslovakian masterpieces. I smell a very intereting weekend!

Demetra Christodoulou hid her personal treasure under a fig tree in the garden of her house in Cyrpus after the Turkish invasion in 1974. She and her family were forced to leave northern Cyprus and set up a new home in the south of the island. Recently the 65-year old woman and her family finally made a visit to their old home in Palekythro, a home now occupied by a Turkish-Cypriot family. She saw the fig tree in the garden where she had buried three bags of her most treasured possessions, reports the Cyprus Mail. The current occupants of the house had dug up the garden and kept the bags, which the family's two daughters presented to Demetra. The bags contained Demetra's dowry, a set of silver spoons and forks, 200-year-old earrings and cross and a precious pendant of the Virgin Mary. "The girls' father had come across it while digging in the garden last October and they kept it safe," said Demetra. After everyone stood around and had a good cry, Demetra and her family returned to the south of Cyprus, but she says she wants to return when she is calmer and can properly thank the resident family. No word on what the Turkish Cypriot family has done with the giant hole under the fig tree.

In our never-ending quest to inform you of interesting works of art, we bring you news of the three Norwegian students who have compiled the country's first penis gallery to help men be more content with what nature has given them. Or so they say. They took photographs of the penises of 18 men, aged between 20 and 70, for the gallery. Einar Aakvaag, Ragnhild Dahl Keller and Genevieve Hardeberg pictured the penises from six different angles and measured them all. They told Norwegian daily, Verdens Gang: "Our mission is to get the average penis out to the people. We wanted to show that the penis exists in all variations and we wanted to break down the visualisation from the media/internet of the great giga-penis." No word on whether the models will be getting their own television shows (no wardrobe department needed), or how they plan to cope with the left-out feelings of the owners of giga-penises. Hey, thanks for getting the average penis out to the people.

We're off to the theater tonight, Accumulators, and tomorrow morning it's up to the country house to continue construction. I do so love power tools! Have a great one, Accumulators. Don't forget about the switch to Yahoo Groups. Happy hunting!
Best, Judith

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