Newsletter #63

November 28, 1999

Greetings Accumulators!
My beloved Grandmother died today, at the age of 96 years. I know many of you are familiar with Grandma, having read my stories of our many adventures together. Grandma left us a heritage rich with memories, many of them quite amusing, and I plan to continue bringing them to you, as a tribute to her feisty and passionate character. She was a strong-willed matriarch, and a loving grandmother, who was proud of us to the very end. The whole family has a strong sense that an important era has just ended for us. We'll never be the same without Grandma.

Further news (and I'm sure you know this is not going to be the usual goofy newsletter): I have terminated my contract with The Mining Co. I will continue to write and publish articles about collecting, except that they will appear on my own website, Twin Brooks Antiques, instead of at The Mining Co, and links to the articles that appear within the newsletter will take you directly to them. The Wonderful Artie has gotten me my own domain (, and as soon as it's up and running, we'll move Twin Brooks there and attempt to get some type of forum going - a chat room or bulletin board, so I can hear what you're thinking. You are welcome to write to me at the above address.

I'm sorry, Accumulators. Although I find it the best part of my week to be able to write to you, tonight I'll just pass. I'll be back again at the end of the coming week, much more myself, and with news and views of the collecting world. I know many of you have been wondering what's happened to the newsletter. We received a virus on Halloween that crashed our hard drive and cost me all my data (except for your addresses, which I had saved on disk after the last catastrophe!) All is back up to snuff (thanks to Artie!), so we'll talk again next week.

This weekend Artie and I will be mourning our loss, and making plans for the funeral. To all of you, Happy Hunting!


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